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I'm not just writing a book
I'm writing a mystical, magical, new reality
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worried that squirrels were eating all the birdseed, so we set up a camera

i do not think that is a squirrel


I found my senior quote.

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An Ode to that one test everyone knows:


Tell me, can you see the?
The Crimson Falling leaves
No you can’t exactly,
Just the millionth value of P

Remember to train your children
As dolphins and the like
And notice all the camels
as you pass by on your bike

And please, when you see him
Ask Young Sensei his age
Its fun to watch him redden
Almost crimson with his rage

And to all the Harry Potter fans
please just give it a rest
And make sure to write in cursive

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I feel bad for people in other countries because they see the PSAT fandom but they don’t really SEE the PSAT fandom

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Young Sensei x García López de Cárdenas: A PSAT Fanfiction


“García! Thank you for coming, I brought you some soup!” said the Sensei, shyly. “They’re in the glasses-shaped bowls you like.”

“Thank you Kiichi!” replied the Spanish man. “How was your day?”

Kichii Shimano sighed. “Alright, I suppose, but an interviewer asked me questions like ‘What kind of…

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Because when you reward your children for good behavior, they turn into dogs


Saddest Story Since Romeo and Juliet: The interviewer didn’t ask any of the right calligraphy question.

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I just walked my dolphin across the Grand Canyon. The reporter asked me what kind of leash I was using. I really wanted her to ask questions about what percent of the women in my group speak Chinese.

She did not ask those questions.

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